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06/27/2018 8:28 AM

Article By: Chris Robinson

ROCKFORD, Ill. - The Rockford IceHogs today announced they will auction game-worn and game-issued jerseys (link will update once auctions become live) from the 2017-18 season beginning Thursday, June 28 at 7 p.m.
The sweaters will be posted for online auction at the IceHogs eBay store each week for the next 13 weeks, with the final auction concluding on Sept. 27. Each auction begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday and ends the following Thursday at the same time.
This summer's set of game-issued sweaters features a combination of the IceHogs’ white and red jerseys, several black and red practice jerseys and a limited number of alternate, grey-colored jerseys. Notable sweaters for the auction include game-worn jerseys from Cody Franson, John Hayden, Matthew Highmore, Vinnie Hinostroza and Tyler Sikura.
In addition, several jerseys from the 2016-17 season will also be available for auction.
Each jersey includes a certificate of authenticity, and several sweaters also feature an autograph from the corresponding player. 
To place a bid, visit the IceHogs eBay Store at (link will update once auctions become live).
The following is a full schedule for each jersey for this year’s auction (listed by posting date):
June 28 DiDomenico Red Game
  Bondra Red Practice
  Dahlstrom Grey Alt.
  Pelletier Black Practice
  Gustafsson White Game
  Noel White Game
  Langlois Cream (16-17)
  Bouma Red Practice
July 5 Wideman Grey Alt.
  Kampf White Game
  Snuggerud Grey Alt.
  Valleau Red Practice
  Kero Red Game
  Berube Black Practice
  Gilbert White Game
  Tomkins Red Practice
July 12 Forsling White Game
  Jurco Grey Alt.
  Press Red Game
  Johnson Black Practice
  Raddysh White Game
  Knott Black Practice
  Tuulola Red Practice
  Martinsen Grey Alt.
July 19 Hinostroza Grey Alt.
  From Red Game
  Franson Red Practice
  Lundberg Cream (16-17)
  Highmore White Game
  Snuggerud Black Practice
  Anselmini Red Game
  Norell Red Practice
July 26 Louis White Game
  Sikura Grey Alt.
  Samuelsson White Game
  Olczyk Red Practice
  Fortin Red Game
  Tomkins Black Practice
  Maksimovich Grey Alt.
  DiDomenico Black Practice
Aug. 2 Knott Red Game
  Noel Red Practice
  Kero Grey Alt.
  Dahlstrom White Game
  Gilbert Black Practice
  Gustafsson Red Game
  Kampf White Game
  Bouma Black Practice
Aug. 9 Bondra White Game
  Forsling Grey Alt.
  Pelletier White Game
  Press Red Practice
  Jurco Red Game
  Svedberg White Game
  Wideman Black Practice
  Berube Grey Alt.
Aug. 16 From Black Practice
  Hinostroza White Game
  Valleau Grey Alt.
  Dauphin Red Game
  Iacopelli Red Practice
  Clendening White Game
  Robin Norell Red Game
  Fortin Grey Alt.
Aug. 23 Snuggerud Red Game
  Kampf Black Practice
  Kero Red Practice
  Anselmini Grey Alt.
  DiDomenico White Game
  Raddysh Grey Alt.
  Sikura White Game
  Gustafsson Red Practice
Aug. 30 Peeters Red Practice (16-17)
  Louis Grey Alt.
  Tomkins White Game
  Bondra Red Game
   Noel Grey Alt.
  Bouma Grey Alt.
  Jurco Black Practice
  Press White Game
Sept. 6 Hildebrand Cream (16-17)
  Knott Red Game
  Franson Grey Alt.
  Tuulola Black Practice
  DiDomenico Grey Alt.
  Norell White Game
  Pelletier Red Practice
  Forlsing Red Game
Sept. 13 Snuggerud White Game
  Gustafsson Grey Alt.
  Kampf Red Practice
  Kero White Game
  Iacopelli Black Practice
  Samuelsson Grey Alt.
  Hinostroza Red Game
  Fortin White Game
Sept. 20 Carrick Cream (16-17)
  Gilbert Red Game
  Tuulola Grey Alt.
  Berube Red Practice
  Dahlstrom Red Game
  From White Game
  Sikura White Game
  Pelletier Grey Alt.
*Jerseys up for auction are subject to change
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