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Photo by Jim Orlando
08/28/2012 12:41 PM

Article By: caught up with goaltender Carter Hutton to see how his offseason has been going and to get his take on the upcoming season.

Some people like to travel or relax over the summer, what does Carter Hutton’s offseason consist of?
For me the offseason is mostly spent at home in Thunder Bay. I spend lots of time at my family cottage. This summer I was able to go on a couple trips, one to Mexico with some good friends and another to Orlando. I also have a hockey school here in town that keeps me pretty busy. I enjoy being able to teach young up and coming goalies some valuable techniques and skills that I have learned being able to work with the great goalie coaches in Chicago this past season.

We know you like to fish and hold a fishing tournament every summer, how did it go? Did you take home the title?
The 7th annual RRBD fish derby was a success, had a great time with a lot of good friends. I was fortunate enough to take home my 3rd straight title (and yes there are other people in it). I think everyone else might stop showing up if I don't let someone else win next year, but it's my lake so I have home court advantage.

Did any teammates or other hockey players compete in the tournament? If so, how did they fare?
No other teammates from this season competed in the tourney. I did have a chance to have Brandon Svendsen up for a weekend at the lake. It was fun being able to show him around.

You’re from Thunder Bay, Ontario… What is one thing the City of Thunder Bay is known for?
Thunder Bay is known for its great summer time cottage life, and we also have a lot of professional hockey players. There’s not much else to do growing up in the winters, so everyone plays hockey.

What kind of off-season training are you doing? How often are you on the ice?
I train at a gym with some other local players for most of the summer. I do a lot of yoga as well to try and stay flexible especially when we do a lot of weight training. As for skating, I usually skate once a week most of the summer.

What would you like to improve about your game for next season?
I think personally I would like to continue to improve my game anywhere I can. Last year, working with Andrew Allen, I made a lot of progress with my post play and foot work. I think my all around patience in the crease needs to continue to get better and will help me keep developing my game.

How exciting was it to re-sign with the Blackhawks in June?
Being able to re-sign with Chicago was great, they are a world class organization. I have made a lot of progress last season in the organization and being able to come back to the same organization was pretty important to me. I take a lot of pride in representing the team in everything I do and look forward to the upcoming season.

What is your personal goal for next season?
Make the playoffs! I think everyone has to have that mindset coming in. Last year we made some good strides but came up short. I believe we have the dressing room to do it and an extra year of experience should help guys’ confidence headed into this season.

What are you most excited for next season?
I think just our overall team’s skill and character. We have a lot of great players and more importantly a lot of great people. Our team gets along very well and we have many returning guys which should help us out in the dressing room, having guys know what we need to do to win games.

What is the most difficult aspect of the offseason - something that you dread each year?
After taking some time off when the season ends. The first couple weeks of training and getting into a good routine can be a bit tough but other than that I stay very busy so there isn't really anytime I dread during the off season.

We had some fun with you during the Summer Olympics (see the IceHogs Facebook page), but what summer sport do you think you could compete in?
First off, the copy and paste artwork for the Olympic pictures of me must have been professionally done. It was so perfect. I do think I would have to go with the beach volleyball. I play every Thursday in the summer and have been known for being a pretty high draft pick each week. I may not be the most refined beach court player to the common eye but my effort level really excels my game!
Now for something a little different. What’s the first thing that comes to mind…
Fishing? My getaway
Team Canada? World juniors
Music? Concerts
Actress? Jennifer Aniston
Brandon Bollig? Hard on the outside, soft in the middle