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Photo by Steven Christy
08/15/2012 9:00 AM

Article By: Nate Haeni caught up with defenseman Shawn Lalonde to see how his offseason has been going and his take on the upcoming season.

What was the most exciting thing you’ve done this summer?
I went to a Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert in Toronto with Andrew Shaw

Which teammate have you kept in touch with the most during the offseason?
Well I’m living in the same city as Andrew Shaw so either him or Kyle Beach.

What kind of off-season training are you doing? How often are you on the ice?
I’ve been training every day and have been on the ice twice a week for about the last two weeks. I’m just getting back into shape waiting for training camp to start. Hopefully there won’t be a lockout.

What would you like to improve about your game for next season?

Just my overall game. Last year I worked on the things that I thought needed improvement and the coaching staff gave me a couple things to work on. I think I did that pretty well so I am just trying to improve in my last year of my contract. It’s a big year so I’m just trying to work on my game overall.

What is your personal goal for next season?
I’d like to have a strong start and try to stay consistent throughout the season.

What are you most excited for next season?
Well, hopefully there isn’t a lockout but if there is, it could be a good thing for the American Hockey League. It will give guys like myself and a couple others that haven’t been called up, we will get the opportunity to play with some highly skilled players. So it will be an even better league and hopefully we’ll improve a lot.

Did you watch the Summer Olympics? What was your favorite sport to watch?
Yes, I did. I’d say watching the track and field events, Usain Bolt is a legend. His celebrations were pretty sweet too. He was what I was watching throughout the Olympics.

Now for something a little different. What’s the first thing that comes to mind…
Summer? Hot
Twitter? (@Lalonde10) New
Chicago Blackhawks? Awesome
Stanley Cup? The dream goal
Brandon Pirri? Needs a haircut