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Draftees Shine In Prospect Camp's First Scrimmages

07/07/2009 6:01 PM

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On the first day of Prospect Camp scrimmages Tuesday, Chicago’s draftees took center stage as Team B beat Team A 5-3 in the morning’s first scrimmage, but then dropped the second scrimmage to Team C 4-3 as they gave up four unanswered goals.

“Well, it was definitely a tough couple of games,” said 2008 first-rounder Kyle Beach, who scored a goal in the first scrimmage. “We came into the second half of game 2 – which I guess is like the fourth period – and we were just tired and battling. I thought the tempo was good throughout both games and everyone played hard.”

The first half of Game 1 was a defensive duel, as both goaltenders Joe Fallon and free agent invitee Cab Morris held their opposition to one goal each in the opening 30 minutes. But in the second half, A’s Juliano Pagliero surrendered four markers – including one to Beach – as Team B took the commanding win.

“It was a very clean game,” recalled Beach. “Guys were hitting, guys were out playing hard. But nobody was cheap. It was just a good, competitive game.”

In the second scrimmage of the day, the fatigue of playing two full games in just under three hours took its toll on Team B; they surrendered four unanswered goals in the second half and dropped the second contest 4-3 to C. 2009 draft picks Byron Froese and Brandon Pirri led the comeback, tallying two goals apiece.

“[Team B] came out pretty strong in the second scrimmage – I guess they weren’t as tired as I thought they’d be.” said 2009 first-round pick Dylan Olsen. “But we fought back and came out with the win.”

“I felt a little intimidated seeing all of the college guys and the players who are bigger than I am, but when I got on the ice it just felt right.” Froese said. “I was glad I could help the team win."

In all, 11 different players netted a goal in Tuesday’s two scrimmages, illustrating just how deep the pool of prospects is for the Blackhawks and just how stiff the competition will be for these young players to make it to the pro ranks.

“I was really surprised by the level that everyone’s at here,” Beach said. “Froese had a great goal, and Olsen looked good on the point. It’s nice to see the young guys who are just getting here already succeeding. There’s a lot of depth in the pipeline.”

Game 1

Goal Against
1 16:30 A D. Pacan M. Arcobello C. Morris
1 23:04 B S. Danis-Pepin S. Acolatse J. Fallon
2 6:29 B P. Leblanc   J. Pagliero
2 10:50 A M. Arcobello D. Pacan A. Richards
2 12:06 B K. Beach K. Miller J. Pagliero
2 16:58 B B. Ewing S. Danis-Pepin J. Pagliero
2 21:55 B B. Wilson   J. Pagliero
2 24:40 A M. Pierce M. Arcobello, S. Lalonde A. Richards

Game 2

Goal Against
1 9:08 B B. Wilson - Penalty Shot   J. Palmer
1 16:20 B J. Morea - Penalty Shot   J. Palmer
1 18:21 B C. Schilling   J. Palmer
1 24:58 C B. Froese B. Little A. Richards
2 1:15 C B. Pirri A. Bogosian C. Morris
2 11:22 C B. Pirri A. Bogosian C. Morris
2 12:11 C B. Froese   C. Morris