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More on Country of Origin

07/30/2010 3:23 PM - Chris Etheridge
I think a logical follow up to yesterday's post is a look at how the Rockford IceHogs break down each year they have been in the American Hockey League.  The numbers are similar year-to-year and do, to a certain extent, reflect the NHL figures.

2007-08 Total: 47 players
USA: 14 (29.8 percent)
Canada: 28 (59.6 percent)
Rest of world: 5 (Czech Republic, Russia 2, Sweden, Finland)

2008-09 Total: 44 players
USA: 14 (31.8 percent)
Canada: 26 (59.1 percent)
Rest of world: 4 (Finland, Russia, Sweden)

2009-10 Total: 43 players
USA: 15 (34.9 percent)
Canada: 24 (55.8 percent)
Rest of world: 4 (Finland, Sweden, Russia, England)

This year's team looks like it's going to be pretty consistent.  Counting just those players who have been signed by the Blackhawks and IceHogs, there are about six Americans, nine Canadians, one Norwegian and one Swede.  Obviously as the Blackhawks team starts to form and then as a result, the IceHogs team does, those numbers can change dramatically.

What I Do When I'm Bored

07/29/2010 3:00 PM - Chris Etheridge
It's pretty rare for me to find myself home for the evening with nothing to do, but that's where I was last night.  I mowed the lawn and watched some TV, but nothing good was on.  I found myself at the National Hockey League's Wikipedia site at some point and found this.

The breakdown is pretty interesting.  Canadians make up about 50 percent of the NHL pretty consistently over the last six seasons.  Russians, Slovakians and Czechs have dropped pretty dramatically in that time.  And it looks like those spots have been filled by Americans.  There were 58 fewer players from the former three countries in the league in 2008-09 compared to 2002-03 and there were 76 more Americans in 2008-09 then 2002-03.

I'm speculating here, but the reason could be the emergence of the Kontinental Hockey League in Russia and Eastern Europe.

But it seems like (combined with the fact that the 2010 Entry Draft was a big one for American players) there are going to be more opportunities for Americans to make it to the show.  Hockey is growing in the US and I think these are pretty telling indicators.