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All Is Not Lost

05/26/2009 1:45 PM - Mike Peck

So the chances of the Blackhawks making the Stanley Cup Finals this year are very slim.  But like Lloyd said in the movie Dumb and Dumber, “So you're telling me there's a chance...YEAH!”

Yes there is a slim chance but something the Hawks have already gained is experience in the postseason. Just to keep this playoff run in perspective (because as fans we get pretty greedy as playoff runs go on), Chicago wasn’t supposed to be in the Western Conference Finals this year.

As the youngest team in the NHL this season, the Hawks have exceeded just about everybody’s expectations (probably even their own). In doing so, the team has gained that experience that many claim to be so important.

This team had a semi-goalie crisis at the beginning of the season and a slow start from their captain Jonathan Toews. They overcame the goalie situation and Toews has established himself as a young star. A playoff run like this is only going to benefit this team in the long run.  They’ve now “been there” and that is important.

So regardless of what happens on Wednesday in Detroit, this team has gained a lot this spring.  Even though the task is tall, I wouldn’t count them out just yet though.  At any rate, since Chicago defeated Calgary in round one, everything this team has done since is gravy.

Also, the AHL's Calder Cup Finals are set and it's hard for me to predict a winner since the IceHogs didn't play Hershey this season.  Both Manitoba and Hershey are absolutley rolling into the Finals. Manitoba did lose a pair of overtime games against Houston before finishing the Aeros off in Game Six on Monday.

It should be a great Finals and there are three former IceHogs' skaters playing for Manitoba in the Finals. Check for more information of the trio playing for the Moose and for the Calder Cup Finals schedule.

The IceHogs Signed An All-Star Today

05/20/2009 3:46 PM - Mike Peck

Today Mark Bernard announced the first player signing for 2009-10 and she’s an All-Star. That’s right I said she and it’s not what you think.

Almost exactly one-year ago to date, Sydney Ives was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. A healthy nine-year-old (now 10) all of a sudden lost function on her right side of her body.

So on Wednesday, the IceHogs announced her as an honorary member of the team for a day and the team did a full blown press conference to introduce the newest member of the team.  Sydney received a jersey, stick and had her own locker stall in the IceHogs locker room.

It’s amazing how a 10-year-old can put so much in perspective. We work hard year round talking ourselves into how important IceHogs hockey is, but Sydney reminded us today that this is just a game. It’s entertainment and there are far more important things in life that we get caught up in like work or meetings or any other fabricated event we deem imperative.

I don’t want to get too deep here, but it was awesome to see all of her family and friends fill the IceHogs locker room for the press conference and see Sydney smile, interact with the mascots and even give a “Go IceHogs!” shout out. I guarantee that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

If you want more information about Sydney and an upcoming Bowl-A-Thon benefit for her, check out